Elasticsearch went public last week.

It’s been really cool seeing the company evolve. I’m a huge fan of Elasticsearch. I started using it when porting a process to index my email from Solr. Compared to Solr, I really liked the more RESTful API using JSON. I also really liked how every field was dynamic by default. It makes it so easy to just throw data into it.

It was interesting to watch their journey, especially as they shifted from just full-text search to a full analytics stack. You could see the transition through their partnerships and acquisitions:

  • Joined with Logstash and Kibana to make the ELK stack and combine the power of text searching with log metrics and visualizations
  • Bought Found to provide a SAAS offering for their stack
  • Bought Packet to provide lightweight data shippers for all sorts of monitoring
  • Bought Prelert to enable machine learning forecasting and anomoly detection

So, congratulations to everyone at Elastic. It’s well-deserved success!